Project Notes: Dog Run Wall & Bench

Artistic example of a cob bench

We’re adapting the plan as we go along. Originally, we thought to create a wall (about 3-4 feet tall and about 25-30 feet long) to section off the designated dog run area with a flower bed (about 1.5 feet tall) that would curve and double as a seating area in front of the fire pit. However, now that we’re looking at the cob building techniques instead of the earth bag construction, we like the idea of incorporating the artistic and sculpting features of cob, so we’re expanding the concept.

We anticipate the dog run will be about 4 feet wide and stretch all along the fence on the north-side of the yard. The wall will be simple – just straight and we’ll top it with the same bull-nose red brick we have at the front of the house on the retaining wall and flower bed. We’ll also stucco the sides and paint it the butter-yellow the rest of the house is in (which is now starting to look white). So that hasn’t really changed.

Another example of a cob bench

However, we decided that we’d like to incorporate a sloping design from the sides of the wall that will sweep down to the flower bed that will run along the wall. In front of THAT, we’ll sculpt a curvy bench, complete with a kind of water trench were the seat and the back of the bench meet, encouraging rain water to pool and drain along this trench. We’ll put little PVC “drains” that will dump into the flower bed, and add drains from the flower bed into the yard to ensure the flower beds don’t become flooded.

Additionally, we thought of molding into the bench seat some metal eyelets where we may secure ties for cushions that I’ll be making for the bench. This will prevent the cushions from being blown around the yard, or the dog from taking them down and tearing them up, and we can remove them for washing or replacing.

Then at the base of the bench, we’ll build in an outdoor, electrical outlet or two, with the electrical conduit running from the house, underground to the bench. The outlet(s) can be used for either sitting outside with a laptop or for the use of garden tools. We’ll be sure to include outlets for decorative lights, also.

Ooooo! So exciting!!!


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