My husband and I live in Rancho Cucamonga, California, with our two cats and one dog. DeWayne is an IT Specialist and I am a writer (Arial Burnz), editor (Kahli Reid) and cover artist (Arial Burnz) working from home.

The only construction skills and experience we have is through artistic wood projects and what we’ve learned about wood working through the years. We’re both a Jack/Jane of all trades and believe we can do most anything if we put our mind to it. As such, we’re going to take the plunge and learn how to do natural building and construction.

We have a love of the earth and strive to do  our best to reduce our waste and carbon footprint on this planet (e.g., we don’t usually put our trash cans out for collection but once a month…that’s how little waste we produce). We are learning to grow our own food, want to make our own solar panels, incorporate a gray water system in our house and save energy where we can.

This blog is to track our experiences with natural building and obtaining those goals of living in harmony with Mother Earth.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I want nothing more than to live in a Earth Home. Whenever I see a hobbit house I swoon, and drool, inside LOL. My ex-husband and I had plans of making a cob house village. I had all the plans drawn up, had study the weather in Northern Canada for 2 years straight, and even signed up for a cob building workshop. Sadly that dream was never meant to be, hence the word ex LOL. However I haven’t stopped dreaming about it in over 20 years. What a fabulous way to get away, release, and commune with Mother Earth? Going back to the bare basics of life. (Insert Homer Simpson drool moment now) LOL.

    There is no Hobbit house in my near future, but I believe in the law of attraction. So if I keep seeing myself living in one, the law of attraction will eventually send me one. And for that my friends, I can’t wait!!

    I wish you both the best of luck.

    Love and Peace

    • Thanks so much for sharing, Loretta!! I’ve actually sort-of given up on this project. Hubby and I are getting up in years and we’re very focused on trying to make money via the Internet so we can move wherever we want to. I’m an author and editor and he’s an IT Analyst. By the time we want to move to Ireland, we’ll be pushing 50. Honestly…I don’t think I want to be slinging mud for a year to get my house built. However, we ARE very interested in building a shipping container house. We can get one of those up MUCH faster and then I plan on using cob to build around the exterior and make it look like a wattle and daub cottage with a thatched roof! We can have the best of both worlds with this idea AND the cob on the outside will be added insulation. Seems much more promising.

      I just released my 2nd novel (Midnight Captive) and I’m entrenched in marketing and networking to get the word out. This doesn’t leave me much time to work on our cob skills. We also had an accident over the Thanksgiving holiday – washer overflowed and cause a lot of damage – so we’re still trying to recover from that. The house is just a construction zone on the inside. I want my home back in order! 😦 One thing at a time. One day at a time.

      Look into the shipping container homes and apply the cob to the outside. I think you can still get the dream home you want that is not only REALLY inexpensive, but you could literally be moved in within a month, depending on how elaborate you wish to get with outfitting your home. I’d be happy to correspond on ideas if you need some help.

      Arial 😉

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