Been Busy – But Not Building with Cob

Just thought I’d check in and let everyone that though I haven’t posted lately, I have been thinking of this blog and my faithful followers often. I am an author and editor by trade, working out of the home, and I have been pounding away at the keyboard to get a submission to a NY agent for a Young Adult Steampunk series my husband and I are co-writing together. I’m finally done with my initial submission. We brainstormed the entire 9-book series and even have Tor Books interested in the idea. VERY exciting, but leaves me no time to do any work on the backyard.

As such, the weeds have gotten worse and I am, sadly, starting all over again. *sigh* On top of it all, the stupid fox tails (little wheat-like weeds that have bur-like seeds) hurt our dog, Zedd. One of those nasty little seeds got caught between his toes and burred its way up inside his foot! We had to bring him into the vet for surgery and the poor darlin’ couldn’t go outside and play for almost two weeks.

So, sorry I don’t have any experimental updates or new photos of my progressing yard. Still dreaming, though. We hope to find sometime this weekend to tackle the weeds once and for all and start with some landscaping.

Otherwise, I hope you all are doing well.


Updates – RAIN!

Anyone know the photographer of this photo? I'd love to link to their web site.

Rain is good news and bad news: Good news because it’s soaking into the ground and making it softer and easier to work with; bad news because I have to wait until it stops raining to get to work AND we can’t play outside with the poor energetic dog. The timing is good, though. I threw my back out and can’t do any work in the garden anyway! Funny how the Universe provides, no?

It’s dangerous in these unproductive times because my husband and I love to dream and plan and brainstorm ideas. Meaning, we come up with NEW things to add to our list of projects! We get the Handyman magazine, which is FULL of wonderful DIY ideas, tips and projects. Little ideas turn into our brainstorming sessions and away we go. Inspired by a resurfacing project for fixing old, cement stairs, we’re going to attempt repairing the back cement patio, which has cracks and chunks missing. Though we have a cement mixer, we’re not sure if it works and we’ve never worked with cement before. Won’t know until you try, eh? The plans are set, ideas are swirling. We’ll see how well we do with that project this spring.

I told my husband, “I sure hope all these plans work out like we’re dreaming they will.” He says, “Everything else that we do together and we’ve put our mind to always works out. Why not these?” OMG I love that man o’ ┬ámine!!!